The handling of heavy and bulky loads requires the use of specially designed platforms. Let’s discover some of the possible solutions together.

If your company belongs to the metal, steel or glass industry, you will most likely have had the need to handle bulky and heavy loads.  All without having to give up agility and manoeuvrability. A compromise that can only be achieved through special platforms, specially designed and manufactured for handling loads of up to 45 tonnes. Machines equipped with a platform, the dimensions of which can be customised according to the volume and characteristics of the goods to be transported, as well as being fitted with wheels suitable for any type of flooring, both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the know-how gained over the years as a manufacturer of customised forklift, OMG Industry has developed a range of products dedicated to this particular type of transport. The commercial offer starts with electric pallet trucks with platform and operator on board that speed up the handling of loads of up to 15 tons in environments with long routes. All this without losing sight of the safety of the operator who, in the latest models produced, can also control the machine remotely thanks to a radio control.

Continuing in the range of special platforms we can mention the Neos reach trucks, which can also be used on uneven floors, thanks to the superelastic and cushion wheels. These machines are equipped with platforms that can transport goods weighing up to 25 tonnes.

For heavier loads (up to 45 tonnes), the OMG range can count on the ‘giant’ Neos II 45, equipped with cushion wheels for outdoor use and fitted with road lights. Agility and manoeuvrability make this platform particularly suitable for long distances.

The above models are just some of the projects designed and manufactured in the Gonzaga factory. Machines that guarantee a considerable increase in performance while optimising the safety aspect.