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Forklifts for Aluminium and Steel Bars

OMG has a wide range of forklifts for handling aluminium and steel bars and profiles. From lateral to multidirectional and 4-way reach trucks through to the more economical stackers.

OMG offers a wide variety of forklifts for handling aluminium and steel bars and profiles that guarantee efficiency and safety for goods and operators throughout the production cycle. The use of our machines optimises the handling of aluminium and steel bars and profiles within warehouses equipped with cantilever racking, even in the presence of narrow aisles. The range includes OMG|Fiora’s multidirectional and 4-way side stackers, reach stackers equipped with cushion or vulkollan wheels, and retractable mast stackers. The use of special machines for long loads combined with intensive storage systems provides companies with a consistent increase in transport speed and safety, as well as an increase in storage capacity.


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