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Forklifts Applications

OMG has been active for more than 50 years in the production and marketing of specialised and niche electric forklift trucks for the handling of all types of goods and for a variety of applications.

An international reference point on the forklifts for special applications market, OMG dedicates constant attention to the specific needs of each of its clients, selecting quality partners and availing of highly qualified staff know-how. A custom made forklift guarantees better productivity, enhanced performance and, most importantly, increases the level of safety in the workplace. This is why special products are of central importance to OMG in structuring the offer and training its sales collaborators.

From long loads to heavy loads, from reels to containers, from industrial moulds to narrow aisles, OMG Industry designs the forklifts for your company’s specific applications, analysing the type of load and the route the goods have to take within your logistics facility.