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Electric Stackers

The range of walk behind or ride on operator electric stackers was designed for vertical storage activities at medium heights with capacities from 1.000 to 15.000 kg.

The OMG electric stackers are manufactured with a bent frame to reduce force caused by welding to a minimum and ensure maximum stability and optimum mechanical strength in all the traction and storage situations.


The battery compartment, which is easily accessible, simplifies daily and periodic operations for top-ups and controls of the battery. The OMG masts are manufactured using cold-drawn profiles to guarantee rigidity in torsion or bending. Available with simplex, duplex and triplex lifting with and without free lift, with lifting from 1.650 to 5.400 mm (standard) and higher on request. The powerful and silent lifting motors, 2 or 3 KW, are highly inductive and the torque supplied allows performance to be obtained with contained current absorption. The pumps are high efficiency and low noise. The OMG lifts are equipped with electronic equipment with energy recovery releasing the direction and/or reverse direction.


Optionals available
  • supertrack drive wheel
  • length of special forks
  • setup for cold store
  • rectifier on board
  • low running button with vertical steering to ease manoeuvre operations in tight spaces
  • access keypad with pin code
  • servo-assisted tiller