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ATEX Explosion-Proof Forklifts

OMG has an extensive range of ATEX explosion-proof forklifts that are safe, efficient and adaptable to any environment.

OMG has a dedicated range of ATEX explosion-proof forklifts, designed and manufactured for sectors such as the pharmaceutical or chemical industries, where highly explosive mixtures of gases, vapours, mists or dust clouds are created in production departments. In potentially hazardous areas, it is necessary to use machines that guarantee maximum protection and safety for people and property in the event of an explosion. Our ATEX forklift trucks comply with both European and national legal requirements and can be with G2 protection (suitable for use in ATEX zone 1), with G3 protection (for use in ATEX zone 2) and with a wide range of protection (for use in zone 21 or zone 22).