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OMG|Fiora Sideloaders

OMG has completed its commercial range with the acquisition of the Fiora brand and designs. This has allowed it to further develop the sector of 4-way, multidirectional and order picking electric sideloaders with lifting capacities from 1.5 to 8.0 t and vulkollan, cushion and superelastic wheel treads.

Fiora|OMG Sideloaders MakerThe union of two historical brands like OMG and Fiora brings together quality, innovation, know-how and, above all, a focus on the specific needs of each customer operating in specific commodity sectors.


The integration of these two brands is the result of the corporate idea that the OMG management has applied for years: to join Italian industrial excellence in the sector of forklift trucks for special and niche applications to form a single organisation that can more efficiently tackle the challenges of an increasingly competitive global market.

Once again, OMG thinks outside the box to show the market that, when organised and managed in an industrial manner, the typical Italian know-how of small companies that manufacture special and niche goods, often in very small batches, can make the difference in a global market that is increasingly focussed on standardisation and less on specific customer needs.

By acquiring the Fiora designs and brand, OMG has acquired more than 60 years of experience in the electric sideloader sector in one go. For the worldwide product launch, the marketing office came up with a new “OMG|Fiora Sideloaders” brand, which combines the essence of the two historical companies and will be used to market the sideloaders. The new product range will be designed and built entirely in the historical OMG production plant in Gonzaga.