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Sideloaders Order Picker

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Multidirectional Sideloaders Order Picker

FIORA|OMG multidirectional order pickers sideloaders are designed and built to handle long or palletised material. They are offered in the multidirectional version. Sideloaders are used where there is a need to optimise the available space in warehouses and make the best use of it, recovering more than 45% compared to classic front-loading forklift trucks. Their ideal working environments are warehouse aisles and tight spaces. The philosophy behind our choices is the use of sturdy and cutting-edge materials and components in order to guarantee the safety and reliability of our products even in the most demanding working conditions.


Additional information

Additional information


2.0-2.5 t

Center of gravity

600 mm


48 V






Regenerative / electromagnetic

Speed with

9 Km/h

Lifting speed

0,30 m/s


48 V – 620 Ah




ride on operator



  • Pendulum chassis divided into two parts
  • Three-phase AC electric motor
  • All wheels can turn through 90°
  • Electronic regenerative braking system
  • Reduced maintenance and ease of access to the compartments
  • Possibility of customising the sideloader with numerous accessories
  • Open Can-Bus electrical system



The balanced pendulum chassis, divided into two parts (mechanical compensation), can even work on slightly uneven floors while keeping the wheels in contact with the ground to improve the stability of the machine.

Telaio busculante

Wheel treads

Wheel treads

The large polyurethane or cushion rubber wheels are suitable for working inside warehouses with industrial flooring or outside on asphalt surfaces. The hydraulic brakes ensure a rapid response to the stop command.

Carrelli elevatori laterali - ruote cushion  Carrelli elevatori laterali - ruote vulkollan

Fork support plate and equipment

Fork support plate and equipment

The wide fork support plate and hydraulic positioner can stabilise the load, allowing transportation of long materials.

Steering wheel and joystick

Steering wheel and joystick

A multifunctional proportional joystick wired with Can-Bus offers sensitive and precise control over the machine movements. The wide display is tilted towards the operator and has clearly visible function keys.

Carrelli elevatori laterali - Cabina di guida Carrelli elevatori laterali - Multidirezionalità

Ergonomics and the driving cab

Ergonomics and the driving cab

The main feature of the order picking sideloader is its lifting driving cab, which can lift the operator together with the forks. This improves visibility and safety as the material (usually bars, pipes, profiles, etc.) can be picked-up and placed directly on the shelving, without the need to lower the whole load.

The loading forks can be lifted independently from the driving cab, which allows optimal and extremely precise positioning. This means that the operator is not subjected to excessive or uncomfortable strain when order picking.

In all models, access to the cab is from the aisle side, so it is possible to enter even if the order picker is in an aisle between shelving. Driving comfort is ensured by a comfortable and natural posture and the easily accessible driving position guarantees perfect control over the vehicle.

Traction and electronic system

Traction and electronic system

The three-phase AC motors and Open Can-Bus electronics optimise performance, reduce battery consumption and cut maintenance costs. A logical and rational component layout inside the compartments facilitates access for rapid maintenance, reducing work times, machine downtime and the resulting costs.

Carrelli elevatori laterali - Motore trifase Carrelli elevatori laterali - Vano motore



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