OMG Industry, a Mantua-based manufacturer of special handling equipment, announces the outright acquisition of the Fiora brand, a historic manufacturer of sideloaders. This acquisition comes after a collaboration that began with Fiora in November 2017.

OMG Industry announces the completion of the outright acquisition of the assets and brand name of Fiora, a historic manufacturer of sideloaders. This acquisition represents an important seal of the collaboration between OMG and Fiora, which since November 2017 has given rise to an important project aimed at giving continuity, development and internationality to this historic brand.

“The outright acquisition of the Fiora assets and brand is the crowning achievement of a journey that began six years ago and that has allowed OMG to position itself within the national and international sideloader market. The introduction of this range of machines,” commented OMG Srl CEO Andrea Caloni, “is perfectly in line with the company’s strategies and our mission, which is to provide safe and efficient solutions to companies that need to handle special loads, particularly long and bulky ones.”

OMG’s decision to acquire Fiora’s know-how is driven by the desire to further strengthen its position within the side loader market, benefiting from the exclusive use of its assets and a nationally and European recognised brand. On the organisational front, OMG has anticipated this definitive acquisition in recent years by internally developing a production and technical division dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and development of this type of forklift truck. At the same time, on the marketing and commercial level, the Gonzaga-based company has contributed to relaunching the Fiora brand through targeted communication campaigns and the creation of a new logo to highlight the start of a new era without neglecting the historicity of an important brand in the sector. A far-sighted vision that today ensures that OMG is fully prepared for this important moment. A concrete demonstration of this will soon be the launch of a new 4-way sideloader, born from the experience gained in recent years dealing with companies that make handling long loads a daily challenge.