High stability and ease of use, the ideal machine for handling heavy loads at great heights in narrow aisles and outdoor environments.

Designed and conceived for handling loads in narrow working aisles, the new NEOS TRI CUSHION trilateral truck by OMG allows the storage of pallets of significant weight at significant heights (1250 kg at 7500 mm or 1500 kg at 6750 mm height). Its large, sculpted cushion load wheels allow it to achieve maximum performance in terms of stability and precision, guaranteeing its use on any type of flat floor, even outdoors and on non-smooth surfaces. This feature makes this forklift model unique and unrivalled on the market, allowing it to be used in outdoor warehouses that, for logistical reasons, need to be more compact (with aisles with a distance between loads of 1800 mm). The machine is equipped with both a mast swing function and an aisle rotation function that allows a load to be moved from one side to the other without the need to leave the aisle itself, with a consequent increase in productivity. In addition, for greater operator comfort, the cab can be enclosed and equipped with a heater.

What features make the machine so stable, especially in storage at height?

In addition to the already mentioned large cushion tyres, the stability of the machine is guaranteed by the electro-hydraulic part, which has been completely redesigned compared to previous models. In fact, the new Neos Tri Cushion turrets are fitted with acceleration and deceleration ramps that slow down the travel and rotation movements at the end of the stroke in a gradual manner. This prevents the machine from suffering sudden shocks that undermine the stability of the entire forklift, especially when the loads are at a high height.

How does stability increase operator safety when using the machine?

The high stability of the forklift ensures increased safety especially when used at great heights. In fact, it is a well-known fact that operators are reluctant to use small machines at heights, which, due to their characteristics, are subject to significant oscillations. In tests, the new Neos Tri Cushion even managed to handle loads of 1500 kg at a height of 7500 mm without experiencing the slightest instability and without tilting on the load positioning side during rotation operations.

What advantages does the new Neos Tri have over an articulated trolley?

Compared to other machines dedicated to use in narrow aisles, such as articulated trucks, the new OMG VNA forklift offers greater productivity and safety due to its greater ease of use and the ability to operate in aisles that are approximately 40-50 cm narrower. Operations require less operator training, as all movements are extremely linear and do not require much manoeuvring ability. This is in contrast to an articulated truck, which gives no margin for error and can only be used by more experienced forklift operators who know how to operate with extreme precision in tight spaces.