Let’s discover together the Neos 3F Air Cargo, the special machine for handling ULDs, pallets or containers used for cargo loading on aircraft.

The airport logistics sector requires efficient and reliable machinery to ensure optimal handling of cargo loads on aircraft. In this context, the Neos 3F Air Cargo presents itself as an innovative and highly customisable solution for handling Unit Load Devices (ULDs), pallets or containers used in airports all over the world.

What are the features of the Neos 3F Air Cargo?

The Neos 3F Air Cargo is a special electric pallet truck, with an on-board operator, designed to meet the logistical challenges of airports. Equipped with three forks weighing 3500 kg and a maximum load capacity of 7.5 tonnes, this pallet truck stands out for its advanced technical features. The forks of the Neos 3F Air Cargo are 2400 mm long and 320 mm wide, with a ground clearance of only 120 mm. The distance between the forks is 375 mm, allowing ULDs, pallets or containers to be easily grabbed and moved. In addition, it is equipped with a micro-lifting block at a height of 210/230 mm that can be easily bypassed by the operator by pressing a release switch on the dashboard. Safety is paramount in the airport environment, and the Neos 3F Air Cargo takes this into account. It is equipped with a nylon fork front guard, with a thickness of approximately 15 mm and a height of 150 mm across the entire width. In addition, the fork front is supported by 6 bearings, ensuring stability and durability during use. To ensure operator comfort, the pallet truck is equipped with a knob and an access step. In addition, the speed of the Neos 3F Air Cargo is reduced to 3-4 km/h when the height of the load exceeds 210/230 mm, ensuring greater safety during lifting operations.

What are the advantages of this machine?

Among the advantages offered by the Neos 3F Air Cargo are its very high customisation and ease of maintenance. The machine can be custom-built to meet the specific needs of each airport, thus offering optimal efficiency in logistics management. Furthermore, thanks to its simple design, the Neos 3F requires fewer parts to be maintained, reducing the cost of spare parts compared to the competition and ensuring faster availability of the necessary parts. Another interesting feature of the Neos 3F Air Cargo is that it can be equipped with a weighing system integrated into the forks. This makes it possible to accurately monitor the weight of the goods being handled, facilitating the planning of loading operations on the aircraft. The premium quality of the materials used in the construction of the Neos 3F’s chassis ensures uncompromising robustness, eliminating the risk of tearing or damage during operations. Finally, to ensure timely and reliable service, OMG industry can count on an extensive network of specialised partners who are intimately familiar with the product and are able to intervene promptly on the machine should the need arise.

In conclusion, the Neos 3F Air Cargo represents one of the most innovative and highly customisable solutions for cargo handling at airports. Its robustness, ease of maintenance, safety and customisation capabilities make it an indispensable tool for optimising logistics operations. Thanks to its reliability and numerous advanced technical features, the Neos 3F Air Cargo is an ideal choice for companies wishing to improve efficiency and productivity in cargo handling at airport facilities.