Moving heavy and bulky loads is a critical issue for many companies in terms of both safety and productivity. But which machines should be used?

Movimentare carichi pesanti e voluminosi Moving heavy and bulky loads is not as simple as you might think. An error in the choice of machine to be used can lead the company into a very dangerous abyss that can lead to serious consequences both from a production point of view and from the point of view of the safety of vehicles, goods and above all people. Nevertheless, there are many companies that, for illusory economic savings, continue to make inappropriate choices such as using the classic forklift where not indicated. A lack of foresight and shrewdness, which, in a limited short-term perspective, does not allow a correct assessment of which is the best investment. There are many solutions on the market, but not all of them are able to meet the different technical and economic requirements.

Which machines to use?

In industries such as carpentry, steel or glass, handling heavy loads is the order of the day. Large distances to be covered, both inside and outside warehouses, which require agility and manoeuvrability, can be achieved by relying on machines that have been designed exclusively for that purpose. These compromises can be achieved by using electric forklifts equipped with special, tailor-made platforms capable of transporting loads of tens of tonnes. In the design phase, the dimensions of the platform can in fact be customised in relation to the characteristics of the goods to be transported, which in terms of volume and weight vary greatly from sector to sector. Special machines, therefore, that require truly important technical preparation and specialisation. A know-how that OMG Industry has consolidated over the years as a manufacturer of customised forklifts and that has led the Gonzaga-based company to have a wide range of products dedicated to this particular type of transport.

The electric platform range from OMG Industry

The commercial offer starts with electric pallet trucks with platform and on-board operator, which is the ideal tool for fast handling of loads with capacities of up to 15 tonnes in environments with long travel distances. Not only high performance, but also a focus on ease of use as well as operator ergonomics, which translates into a benefit for the handling operators. On the market, there are several special OMG platforms that minimise fatigue and increase safety for personnel. One example of this is one of the latest projects that resulted in a pallet truck with a platform that can be used remotely via a radio control. This solution, implemented for a major customer in the marble sector, has essentially two advantages: one related to safety, keeping the operator away from the load, avoiding possible crushing in the event of an accident; and one related to load control, ensuring that the load cannot be damaged by bumping into third parties during handling.

The range then continues with special platforms designed from the Neos reach trucks, which can handle loads of up to 25 tonnes and can also be used outdoors on uneven floors, thanks to the provision of super-elastic and cushion wheels. Finally, we mention the ‘giant’ of the range capable of transporting goods of considerable weight (up to 45 tonnes), equipped with road lights and cushion wheels for outdoor handling. Agile and manoeuvrable in all manoeuvres and particularly suitable for long distances.

These are just some of the models designed and manufactured in the Gonzaga factory. Machines capable of guaranteeing not only increased performance but also optimised safety when handling bulky and heavy goods.