Packaging logistics requires specialised forklifts that guarantee efficiency and safety in the handling of packaging, reels and other material used for product packaging.

Packaging is one of the fastest growing markets and certainly one of the sectors that has reacted best to the difficult economic situation caused by the recent pandemic. Despite declines in the Horeca sector, the sector has benefited on the one hand from the boom in purchases on e-commerce platforms, and on the other from the positive trend in food consumption. A positive trend that, as shown by the 2020 data of the Italian Packaging Institute, involved all the supply chains, from steel packaging to plastic packaging to paper and cardboard packaging.

One of the most delicate aspects of this market segment is logistics. Packaging plants often produce bulky loads including paper rolls, corrugated cardboard packaging and containers of different sizes and dimensions. Handling these types of non-palletised loads with classic front-end forklifts can significantly increase the risk of accidents and undermine the safety of property and people. Using the forklift for multi-purpose use and towing heavier loads than necessary can also cause both machine breakdown, with a consequent inability to stop, and a reduction in the efficiency of operations.

So which forklifts are suitable for handling in the packaging sector?

It is therefore clear that for the packaging sector, it is necessary to use forklifts tailored to these specific handling requirements. During the design phase, the manufacturer should work in close synergy with the user to define the necessary technical solutions. A simple movement of a reel, for example, requires a different machine to another that has to position it inside a machine or store it at a certain height. Not to mention the very characteristics of the reel itself, which require different equipment (e.g. grippers, tilting rails) to be used to grip it.

Specific demands to which a specialised manufacturer such as OMG Industry can respond. All this thanks to a complete range of products that, for several years, has contributed to improving productivity and logistics security in the packaging sector.