Moving aluminium profiles more efficiently and safely: this is the goal achieved by the Brescia-based company Estral Spa thanks to the introduction of new compact warehouses and the use of side lift trucks manufactured by OMG Industry.

Companies producing aluminium extruded profiles need to handle long and bulky loads on a daily basis, increasingly optimising the space available to them. Estral Spa, Italy’s leading company in the sector, knows this well. Thanks to its five production lines, it generates between 35 and 40 thousand tonnes of extrusions annually. Numbers that require highly efficient logistical management and that have led the Brescia-based company to reorganise its important production site in Manerbio through the use of compactable warehouses. A type of logistical structure that requires the use of forklift trucks capable of moving in very confined spaces.

“The need to use the laterals produced by OMG Industry arose in the last two years, following the need to use handling machines that were compatible with the new compactable warehouses.” – explains Alessandro Veroli, Head of Estral’s Purchasing Department – “Previously, the handling of extrusions took place through the use of overhead cranes, with strong limitations in terms of flexibility and speed of movement.” The main advantage of this change was the possibility to switch from horizontal to vertical handling. Previously, in fact, the use of the overhead crane allowed the accumulation on the ground of a maximum of 5/6 packages, beyond which the first package deposited risked being damaged due to its weight. Now, however, the coupled use of side and cantilever forklifts ensures that the profiles can be stored more efficiently and safely.

“About 100 loading and 50 unloading operations of packages ranging from 150 kg to a maximum of 800/900 kg are carried out in a day,” Alessandro continues. – continues Alessandro – “Rough or oxidised aluminium profiles that sometimes need to be handled in individual parcels with a certain urgency. It is precisely in these situations that the sideloader shows its flexibility and speed. There is no longer any need to move, as with the overhead crane, all the packs stacked above and below. Now the stored package of profiles can be moved quickly, moving it from one warehouse to another and loading it quickly onto the truck ready to go.” Movement from inside to outside of the logistics units is ensured through the implementation of cushion wheels on the machine as well as the use of a balanced tilting frame divided into two parts, which allows work on slightly uneven floors, improving the stability of the machine.

Un cambiamento che ha inoltre portato vantaggi in termini di sicurezza, sia per gli operatori sia per la merce, come confermano le parole del Responsabile del magazzino, Vincenzo Camisani. “La sicurezza è stata uno degli aspetti principali che ha portato alla scelta dell’utilizzo dei carrelli elevatori laterali prodotti da OMG Industry. Macchine robuste, sicure ed affidabili, sicuramente le più idonee per movimentare profilati lunghi ed ingombranti fino a 7,5 metri di altezza. Grazie ad un montante triplex e ad una piastra porta forche larga, la movimentazione del carico è molto più stabile rispetto all’utilizzo di altre tipologie di carrelli. Inoltre l’implementazione di telecamere facilita l’operatore nelle fasi di avvicinamento, nelle fasi di carico e scarico e garantisce la possibilità sia di non urtare le scaffalature sia di non rovinare il materiale nel deposito a terra. Senza tralasciare la manovrabilità del mezzo che è molto facile e il cui adattamento degli operatori non ha creato alcuna problematica.”