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Vertical Order Pickers

Picking at heights that can even exceed 10 metres are currently the norm, therefore use of suitable devices by the operator must ensure complete tranquillity and safety as fundamental.

OMG proposes two series of vertical order pickers: up to the third picking level (601 – 602 ac) and over the third picking level (903 ac – 904 ac).

Available versions

The vertical order pickers OMG 601 and 602 ac are ideal for picking at low and medium level, in an agile and efficient manner. They have a rising platform and fixed forks (601) and rising platform and forks with initial lifting (602). Thanks to the particular structure of the machines, operators have direct access to the load, without obstacles, but in total safety. They enable efficient picking operations up to 2800 mm (601) and up to 4500 mm (602).

The high level vertical order pickers OMG 903 ac and 904 ac are an ideal solution for the most modern logistical requirements based on the delivery speed, management of multiple items and the reduced dimensions of the delivery batches. The vertical order pickers OMG 903 ac and 904 ac are particularly suitable for heavy applications (also with a wire guided system) with picking, in the standard version, at a height of up to 6.600 mm for the model 903 ac and 10.600 mm for the model 904 ac.

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