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Vertical Order Picker 601 ac

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Vertical Order Picker low-medium level

Models OMG 601 ac are easy to use and efficient vertical order pickers with rising operator platform and fixed forks, ideal for low level applications. Thanks to the particular structure of the machine, with the forks that come out as an extension of the platform, the operator has direct access to the load without any obstacles. The 601 pickers are designed for first and second level picking up to heights of 2800 mm. The 601 are ideal for low level applications on free or guided aisles. The 2.6 kW traction motor, the 3 kW lift motor and the electronic control ensure manoeuvrability and power, providing the right amount of power for any type of application, even for the most intensive ones.



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Additional information

Additional information


1.0 t


operator accompanied


1200 mm

Center of gravity

600 mm


1.150 mm


24 V – 460 Ah





Operator's compartment

Operator's compartment

All controls are represented by multifunction ergonomic buttons suitably positioned for right-handed operation while the steering is ideal for left-handed operation.



Two-stage masts made of cold drawn profiles, for resistance to bending and twisting. The lift cylinders are installed outside of the mast profile and the chains are protected to ensure perfect visibility and maximum safety.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System

Powerful and silent lift motor fitted with electronic control able to adjust the number of revolutions of the pump, providing the appropriate amount of oil every time. All hydraulic functions are controlled by proportional solenoid valves for precise and safe loads handling. Controlled load lifting and lowering so as to ensure smooth movement, improving the operating comfort.