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Horizontal order picker 620 PM ac

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Horizontal order picker

The 620 PM horizontal order pickers with rising platform by OMG represent the ideal combination between productivity and technical performance. They are an essential tool for high-volume applications, ideal for warehouses where the order picking operations must be safe and fast. Increasing productivity means providing operators with multifunction, powerful, safe and ergonomic tools. Not only high performance, but also care for the operator: comfortable controls positioning and maximum safety for minimum operator fatigue.



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Additional information

Additional information


2.0-2.5 t


ride on operator


da 1.160 a 2.400 mm

Center of gravity

1.200 mm


2.400 mm


24 V – 375 Ah







Made of bent sheet metal to minimise any tensions induced by welds, ensuring maximum mechanical resistance over time. Standard lateral battery extraction system for heavy duty applications throughout multiple work shifts. Independent fork lifting from the operator’s station.

Electronic system

Electronic system

The entire range of 620 ac low lift horizontal order pickers is equipped with ac electronic devices that can operate in high temperature conditions, without any truck stops. The controls are equipped with anti roll-back devices which control and check all machine functions and allow unlimited adjustments for performance optimisation, adapting the truck to the operation to be carried out. All electric drive and braking parameters can be set electronically from a control panel, according to customer’s requirements.



Powerful and reliable three-phase AC traction motors, able to satisfy even the most demanding requests for performance, providing the necessary amount of power every time, as the speed of the truck can be adjusted by changing the position of the throttle.



There are three braking systems in this range:

  • braking by reversing the running direction and releasing the throttle (service braking that can be adjusted from the control panel);
  • emergency braking that takes place automatically when the dead man’s pedal is released;
  • parking brake.


Operator's station

Operator's station

The central operator workstation located inside the chassis protects the operator while offering him excellent visibility. Cushioned operator platform with dead man’s pedal. The operator can climb on and off the truck easily, without effort, thanks to the low step height (170 mm). All machine functions are suitably positioned and easy to reach without releasing the joystick for easy and comfortable driving of the order picker. By lightly steering the joystick at just 80°, you will obtain an 180° turn of the drive wheel. No jolts, especially when taking curves. The buttons for slow forward/reverse, backing (optional), are located on both sides of the backrest and are useful for carrying out horizontal movements without climbing back inside the machine. The combined lift of the control column operator platform up to 1,200 mm from the ground allows reaching a picking height of up to 2,800 mm. Electronically controlled platform lifting to avoid any jolts.