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Electric Stacker Logos ac

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Electric stacker operator accompanied

The Logos ac walk behind electric stacker are versatile and easy to use, ideal for intensive use. The 0.7 kW ac traction motor and the cutting edge electronic control system were designed to render it easy to use and powerful under any operating conditions, even on slopes. The new steering system allows even easier manoeuvring in tight spaces and aisles under 2,250 mm. The machine is equipped with a 160 AH traction battery (250 AH optional) and in standard version it comes with a duplex mast up to 4,115 mm.



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Additional information

Additional information


1.2 t


operator accompanied


da 1.565 a 4.115 mm

Center of gravity

600 mm


1.150 mm


24 V – 250 Ah







Made of bent sheet metal to minimise any tensions induced by welds, ensuring maximum mechanical resistance over time. The configuration with four support points provides maximum stability. The simple adjustment system helps maintaining the same grip level, compensating for any wear-out of the drive wheel. The highly visible masts and the lateral tiller ensure optimal visibility for load storage, picking and transport. The battery compartment cover is hinged, facilitating battery top-up and daily and periodical maintenance operations. Particular attention was paid to simplify the access to mechanical parts so as to minimise the routine maintenance costs.

Electronic system

Electronic system

The machines are fitted with AC control with power recovery during braking, when the running direction is reversed and the control throttle is released. From this control, the operator can manage all truck’s functions and carry out unlimited adjustments for performance optimisation, adapting the machine to any application, while ensuring silent operation and low power consumption at the same time. The configuration with four support points provides optimal stability, ensuring maximum safety and comfort during load picking and storage. The mini joystick installed on the tiller allows the operator to control the truck by simply moving his finger along the tiller, allowing precise and smooth load lifting and lowering, without taking his hands off the tiller. The hydraulic motor with fluid adjustment system reduces the noise, ensuring at the same time smooth and precise load lifting. The battery compartment can be easily opened by lifting the hinged cover, simplifying the daily and periodical battery recharge and check operations. Logos ac is available with batteries of up to 250 Ah. Standard version comes with a battery charger installed on-board so that you can recharge your truck from any socket.



Powerful and reliable traction motors, able to satisfy even the most demanding requests for performance, providing the necessary amount of power every time, as the speed of the truck can be adjusted by changing the position of the throttle.



There are three braking systems in this range:

  • braking by reversing the running direction and releasing the throttle (service braking that can be adjusted from the control panel);
  • emergency braking that takes place automatically if the tiller is suddenly released or lowered (electromagnetic brake);
  • parking brake.



The OMG masts are made of cold extruded profiles ensuring high resistance to bending and twisting, with nominal capacities of 1,000 and 1,200 kg. The pumps are highly efficient and very quiet. The mini joystick installed on the tiller allows the operator to lift and lower the forks without releasing the tiller.