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Special Pallet Truck Neos 3F Air Cargo

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Special pallet truck ride on operator


The NEOS 3F AIR CARGO special pallet truck is used in the airport sector, particularly for handling ULDs (Unit Load Devices), pallets or containers used for loading cargo onto airplane. The NEOS 3F AIR CARGO is a special manned electric pallet truck equipped with three forks weighing 3500 kg with a maximum load capacity of 7.5 tonnes. The forks are 2400 mm long and 320 mm wide with a ground clearance of 120 mm. The distance between the forks is 375 mm. It is equipped with a lifting micro-lock at a height of 210/230 mm that the operator can override by pressing the release switch on the dashboard. It is equipped with a nylon front fork guard approximately 15 mm thick and 150 mm high across the entire width. The fork front guard has 6 bearings. For greater operator comfort the pallet truck is equipped with a knob and access step. For greater safety the speed is reduced to 3-4 km/h from a load height of 210/230 mm.




Additional information

Additional information


7.5 t


ride on operator


2.400 mm






48V 775Ah



  • HIGHLY CUSTOMISABLE PRODUCTS: The Neos 3F Air Cargo is a tailor-made machine to be the most efficient device for your airport logistics.
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE: The Neos 3F is simply designed and built. For this reason it has fewer parts to maintain.
  • CHEAP AND FAST MAINTENANCE: The cost of spare parts is lower than that of the competition. In addition, spare parts are available more quickly.
  • WEIGHING SYSTEM: Neos 3F Air Cargo can be equipped with weighing system integrated in forks.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: The chassis of the Neos 3F is built with first-class components. For this it’s very robust and does not run the risk of tearing at certain points.
  • SUPPORT SERVICES OMG: can count on a network of partners who know the product very well and can intervene quickly on the machine.