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ATEX Explosion-Proof Forklift 320 KN

Short description

Explosion-Proof Forklift for use in ATEX environments

The explosion-proof forklift 320 KN ac is conceived, designed and built for intensive use in ATEX environments: Category 3G conversion for use in zone 2, gas group II B, temperature 200°C. The lifting forks are coated with stainless steel spark protection.



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Additional information

Additional information


2.0 t


operator accompanied


115 mm

Center of gravity

600 mm


1.150 mm


24 V – 220 Ah







Made of bent sheet metal to minimise any tensions induced by welds, ensuring maximum mechanical resistance over time. The configuration with three support points offers unique lateral stability. The highly visible masts and the central tiller ensure optimal visibility for load storage, picking and transport. The battery compartment cover is hinged, facilitating battery top-up and daily and periodical maintenance operations. Particular attention was paid to simplify the access to mechanical parts so as to minimise the routine maintenance costs.

Electronic System

Electronic System

The OMG machines are fitted with AC control with energy recovery, that can be enabled by:

  • releasing the drive control on the tiller
  • inverting the running direction can be operated via tiller traction control.
From this control, the operator can manage all truck’s functions and carry out unlimited adjustments for performance optimisation, adapting the machine to any application, while ensuring silent operation and low power consumption at the same time. The configuration with three support points provides optimal lateral stability, ensuring maximum safety and comfort during load picking and storage. The mini joystick (finger touch) allows the operator to control the truck by simply moving his finger along the tiller, ensuring precise and smooth load lifting and lowering, without taking his hands off the tiller. The hydraulic motor with fluid adjustment system reduces the noise, ensuring at the same time smooth and precise load lifting. Enhanced lifting and lowering speed for faster operations. Side cylinders fitted with silent blocks to prevent any kickbacks that might affect the stability of the load during forks lowering. Widened base, ranging from 880 to 1,300 mm and beyond (on request) that can house pallet spars, standard and special containers. Central drive wheel, suitable even for irregular floors. The forklift trucks in the 716 – 720 BLK ac range are fitted with traction batteries of up to 375 Ah. Readily accessible battery compartment for fast and simple battery check and top-up. With the wo-wa battery charger installed on-board (optional) you can recharge your truck from any socket. The electronic control comes with IP 65 protection rating and is waterproof and dustproof. The tiller head can also be manufactured with IP55 protection rating for protection against dust and water (standard feature for cold store versions).



Powerful and reliable AC traction motor, capable of meeting even the most demanding requests in terms of performance, under any conditions. Travel speed controlled directly by the throttle installed on the tiller.



The OMG masts are made of cold extruded profiles, ensuring high resistance to bending and twisting. The lift cylinders are installed outside of the mast profiles and the chains are protected to ensure perfect visibility and maximum safety. Available in simplex, duplex and triplex version with wide free lift and nominal capacities of 1,600 and 2,000 kg.


Hydraulic Functions

Hydraulic Functions

The 3kW powerful and silent lift motor with high torque ration offers high performance with low power consumption. The pumps are highly efficient and very quiet. The mini joystick installed on the tiller (finger touch) allows the operator to lift and lower the forks without releasing the tiller.