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The Caloni family and the beginning of a new era for OMG

From the international crisis of 2011, OMG comes out even stronger and more compact, and with the acquisition by the Caloni family, the company projects itself towards new and important horizons.

The Australian market

The start of the year saw stipulation of an important agreement with Komatsu Forklift Australia. Pty Ltd. involving the distribution of OMG products on the Australian and New Zealand market. With over 11 direct branches distributed over the territory, KFAP became the reference business partner for all of Oceania.

The Prato branch

The crisis that struck the international market did not stop OMG, which in January inaugurated the new branch in Prato. Customer loyalty, rooted in the territory, consolidation of “Made in Italy”: these are the objectives of the business strategy pursued to support the company’s desire to believe and constantly focus on the Italian market.

New products

The year began in search of novelty: a revised company strategy, new collaborations with University Research Centres and various industrial partners to manufacture new products: explosion-proof forklifts, electric tractors, forklifts and bimodal business vehicles. Furthermore, the following new models were presented: the “Series 7” pallet trucks, thermal front with the new sound-proofing kit, the 904 ac vertical order picker, MODUS FS ac, the electronic pallet truck with operator platform 320 KN-P ac and the NEOS II 25 4-D ac with directional panel retraction.

The market for industrial doors

An important business event for the Italian market: from the 1st January, OMG took over the former Errebi Group and began the marketing and maintenance of industrial doors. . Already an exclusive dealer of Dynaco products, the high performance rapid doors, OMG also proposed other types of industrial doors under its own brand. We continued our investments in the forklifts market, both with new products (the new pallet truck with ride on operator came on the market“Virtus 20RX ac) and through collaboration with other companies to share know-how in the development of new projects (pallet trucks and electric tractors designed in an explosion-proof version) in line with new safety standards set out for the logistics sector.

Consolidation and development

Two key words for 2014; consolidation and development If on the one hand the continuously evolving market enforced adaptation measures and target investments, on the other OMG pursued its development and launch of new products: in February, in fact, the new horizontal order picking trucks, 620 PF ac and 620 PM ac and the new pallet truck with ride on operator 320 P5 ac, came out. At the end of the year, a maxi-merger was defined with the branch in Prato and the “Gonzaga Color” plant, leading OMG to also integrate the painting and sanding business into its production. The excellent results obtained by the Industrial Doors Division mean the company was recognised among the leading distributors in Europe of Dynaco: OMG received an award at the end of March during the Dynaco International Meeting in Anversa.The success obtained convinced the company to expand its range of products offered; an agreement was reached with Stertil, the leading Dutch company for loading bay parts and accessories, for the distribution in Italy of ramps, portals and articulated lorry docks.

The Caloni family

In 2015, OMG was purchased by Caloni, a company specialising in national and international logistics and road transport of goods since 1939. Caloni Trasporti currently moves more than 7.500.000 packages a year, guaranteeing a safe, flexible and efficient service. Availing of a network of select transport partners, Caloni Trasporti currently reaches 58 European destinations, always guaranteeing a high standard of service and support. The acquisition of OMG by Caloni marked the foundation of a highly structured group, greatly skilled to provide diversified services and tailor-made products leaning towards the international markets.

A new era

Integration in Caloni Group enabled implementation of an ambitious industrial plan based on continuous enhancement of the product, both in the standard version and in the special version and an innovative marketing and communication project: completion of the 716 PBM ac, 715 BD ac, 716 BLK-R ac lifts series, the introduction in the range of a new series of operator accompanied tractors, the new logo, new communication material and online communication campaigns are just some examples of the new OMG projects. OMG set an ambitious objective: to become the market leader in the production and marketing of special and niche machinery for the movement of every type of goods.

The takeover of Fiora

OMG has completed its commercial range with the acquisition of the Fiora brand and designs. This has allowed it to further develop the sector of 4-way, multidirectional and order picking electric sideloaders with lifting capacities from 1.5 to 8.0 t and vulkollan, cushion and superelastic wheel treads. The union of two historical brands like OMG and Fiora brings together quality, innovation, know-how and, above all, a focus on the specific needs of each customer operating in specific commodity sectors.