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The turning point for OMG comes with the new millennium

The beginning of the 2000s was marked by a development and expansion of the business. With the establishment of Gonzaga Color and the acquisition by Errebi, the company lays a solid foundation for the future.

Gonzaga Color

The foundation of Gonzaga Color, a company operating in the industrial painting sector, enabled vertical development of the unit and especially greater production flexibility to reduce delivery times of the machinery. Gonzaga Color quickly obtained primary importance in the sector, acquiring new clients; today, the company plays an important role not only in OMG production, but also manages a highly successful business for third parties.

Errebi S.r.l.

OMG was purchased by Errebi S.r.l., a company established in 1997 and operating in the marketing of forklifts sector around Milan. This changeover allowed the company to combine its consolidated, artisan experience with modern and dynamic management capable or bringing the new company towards more efficient management methods.

The electric front forklift

The presentation throughout the year of thermal front forklifts represented for the company the definitive completion of the range. The partnership with an important Asian manufacturer, combined with quality control of the product with OMG standards, allowed us to have a highly reliable product which quickly became a favourite among clients.

International agreements

The desire to maintain the flexibility of a small company, combined with the need for economic and manufacturing efficiency to ensure market competitiveness pushed the company to stipulate important international agreements. These formed the basis of a business agreement with a renowned Japanese forklifts manufacturer, with the objective of mutually exchanging products. The agreement involved distribution by both partners on the international markets of products covered in the agreement with their own brands and customisations.

The turning point

2007 was a turning point for the company with the definitive restructuring of the group:

  • the company OMG in Milan (formerly Errebi) incorporated the company OMG in Gonzaga, creating an industrial company designed to cover all aspects of the forklifts sector (sales, support and hire). The extraordinary operation saw the foundation of a company with approximately 100 employees and turnover of over 30 million euro;
  • The company Errebi Group, by acquiring a branch of the company, would manage all the extra forklift business (telescopic lifts, aerial and truck mounted platforms, earth movement machinery, rapid and industrial doors);
  • The company Gonzaga Color integrated its industrial painting business with the metal carpentry business by acquiring the branch of the company from OMG Gonzaga. At the end of 2007 the group had 120 employees and turnover of approximately 34 million euro.
New developments

Opening of new branches, the addition of new products in the range, the presentation of new models, further optimisation of the company production processes, acquisitions and partnerships with competitor companies made 2008 the year of our “launch forward”, consolidating OMG’s image on the entire international market.


After France and Germany, OMG opened a new branch in Spain in the city of transport, Pamplona. From the beginning of its business in this part of Europe, OMG reached a first goal of over 3,500 units of its own brand sold in Spain and Portugal. The company REDUR was entrusted with the international storage and transport of products.